Google Maps to WordPress – Page Builder Theme

Google Maps to WordPress – Page Builder Theme

How to Generate the API Key

For your Google Maps to display on your page, you now need to use either the Google Maps JavaScript or Embed API, and for both, you need an API key. To generate a new API key, please click the button below for Google’s ‘Get A Key/Authentication’ article. Please read it carefully as there are different methods for Standard API users and Premium Plan users. Please also note that you need to enable billing with a credit card when creating an API Key. Read the information about Google Maps Platform Pricing Plan below

Google Generate The API Key
Step 1: Add your Google Maps API key to WordPress

To get this key, visit the Google APIs Dashboard. Assuming you already have a Google account, you should be able to access this dashboard without needing to sign up for anything.

Inside the Google APIs dashboard, select the blue Create Project button near the top of the page:

Choose Create on the next screen. Then, you’ll be able to pick a name for your project:
Click on Create once more, and you’ll be taken back to the dashboard. Select Enable APIs and Services near the top of the screen and search the API Library for “Google Maps JavaScript API”. Once you’ve found it, select Enable:

On the next screen, click on the Create Credentials button in the top-right corner.

Then on the next page, select What credentials do I need? You’ll be presented with an API key, which you can now copy.

Return to your WordPress site and select the link in Please add an API Key here.

Step 2 : Where To Add API Key

Capture the API Key that’s generated and add it to the plugin field in your WordPress Admin (Dashboard) > Settings > Responsive Styled Google Maps helper   on the Responsive Styled Google Maps page (a new field at the top).

Now change the address of the map as per your needs and copy the shortcode from the map generator and paste it in the contact page or any page that you need. Please make sure that your copied shortcode has the api key added at the bottom as shown in this screenshot.

Step 3 : How to Update other maps in theme pages?

In some of our themes like Real Property, Trendy Travel, Real Estate, etc will have google maps in the page like property, places details etc., In such cases you need to update the API key from the theme options from Dashboard > Designthemes Options > General > Google Map Api Key

How To Check Your Console For Errors

For you to be able to accurately diagnose why your Google Map isn’t displaying correctly, you may need to check your browser’s console for errors. To learn how, please see Google’s ‘Checking Errors In Your Browser’ article below.

Google’s ‘Checking Errors In Your Browser’ Article
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