How to Import Kalvi LMS Other Demos

How to Import Kalvi LMS Other Demos

Kalvi Theme includes 8 different demos ( Online Learning, One Instructor, One Course, Points System, Dance School, Kalvi University, Kalvi Academy and Kindergarden)

Importing Other Kalvi | LMS Demos (click below to get download links for demo’s)

Step 1 : Download Domo Content Backup

Step 2 : Extract the zip

Step 3 : Upload the demo folder to the wp-content\themes\kalvi\demo-content directory.

Step 4 : Go to Tools > Demo Content Install menu in the WordPress admin. The demo(s) should be listed on that page.

Step 5 : Navigate to the Tools > Demo Content Install > Select the demo Content > install

Step 6 : Please be patient, as it may take few minutes to import everything. Once it is completed, you will receive a success message finally.

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